My Week With Marilyn-DVD Review #DVDReview


Once I knew this film was out for rent I headed straight to my local Redbox to get my hands on it. After reading the review I expected to see a lighthearted tale about the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Instead I found a haunting look into what her life was really like and it wasn’t at all glamorous. Michelle Williams did an outstanding of acting like Marilyn, so much so I sometimes had to remind myself that it wasn’t really her. Their faces look incredibly alike but Michelle did get a boost in the top, rear and hip area to fill out Marilyn’s dress.

In the film we are getting a one-week glimpse of what Marilyn’s life was really like. She’s flown to England to make a movie for a week and is faced with working on set with a new crew. Yes, there is a slight romance between her and a young boy but honestly for me that melted away and all I could see was the tragedy of her life. She was beloved by many and obviously made gobs of money for those she worked for. Throughout the film you see her be treated like an animal and sedated when she got too out-of-hand. She was also more shy and unsure of her acting ability than I expected. I was amazed to see how she can turn the character of “Marilyn Monroe” on for a crowd and then off¬† when she left the cameras. Left with her own thoughts she became¬† a real woman who is suffering with her confidence,emotions and a drug problem. Everyone in her life is completely taking advantage of her and she’s utterly lost. Her spirit is almost childlike as she desperately seeks approval from everyone around her.

I enjoyed watching this movie because it was brutally honest and didn’t depict her as Marilyn but as herself. Michelle Williams deserved every nomination she received and I can’t wait to see what she will star in next. Whatever it is, we can expect to see her nominated for many awards to come.

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